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Gemini HPLC Columns
Gemini pH stable HPLC columns offer extended lifetime from pH 1- 12 while providing reproducible separations. Gemini HPLC columns are available in C18. NX-C18, and C-6 Phenyl reversed phase selectivities and utilize TWIN and TWIN-NX technology for enhanced pH stability and rugged performance.
Gemini HPLC Columns
Twin-NX technology HPLC columns. Extend your column lifetime

Gemini columns are rugged reversed phase HPLC and PREP LC columns that offer extended lifetime at pH 1-12 conditions and excellent stability for reproducible, high efficiency separations. The Gemini family contains a variety of useful akyl and phenyl phases bonded to fully porous organo-silica particles.

Gemini Twin Technology Gemini-NX Twin Technology

Gemini pH LC Columns

PhaseDescriptionRecommended Use Brand Official Method Particle Size
Fully porous C18 organo-silica with TMS endcapping Separation of basic compounds under high pH conditions Gemini L1 3, 10, 5
Fully porous C6 linked phenyl organo-silica with TMS endcappingSeparation of aromatic, polar, or basic compounds under high pH conditions Gemini L11 3, 5
Fully porous organo-silica with TWIN-NX technology bonded with C18High efficiency analytical or preparative separations under extreme pH conditions Gemini L1 3, 10, 5
Fully porous organo-silica bonded with C8Separation of very hydrophobic compounds Gemini 10
PhaseDescriptionRecommended Use